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TK Hot Zuppa obtained her AKC Junior Hunter title during the 2019 hunt test season. It was an incredible experience, and though it is only an entry level title, we both learned a whole lot. Zuppa was given extremely high praise from all of the judges and consistently scored 10/10 in all categories judged – marking (ability to remember the location of a fallen bird), style, trainability and perseverance and courage in hunting. We had some extremely hot days where all participants were warned not to let their dogs hunt for too long on marks, too dangerous for many in such high heat indexes. We saw some tougher water – some so filled with lily pads the ducks were nearly impossible to see, some with difficult sight lines, mud and plants that the dogs had to push hard to get through. In every single test I was beyond wowed by her abilities and talent. We got lot of great feedback from judges, even hearing one say “whoa, that dog is thunderous!” remarking on her speed and intensity. We are very excited to continue on to the senior level in 2021 with this incredible dog.

(Please stay tuned for updates, we are working very hard on having more things to brag about)

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