Adrienne Chiaramonte Mesko,

Clearmountain Retrievers

I grew up on a Morgan horse farm in New York’s Hudson Valley. Training horses was my passion during my youth and I devoted nearly all of my time to my training and competition goals. I did a bit of dog training as well, showing our family dogs at fairs and community events, though dogs were somewhat in the background during those years. Eventually my family got out of breeding and training horses and my interest in dogs grew. I eventually established my own dog training business and have helped many dogs and owners over the years through fair and balanced training methods, relationship building and laying the foundation for proper communication on both ends of the leash.

In 2014, While attending a class taught by trainer Michael Ellis, several of the class dogs were Labradors from well known field trial lines, and after lots of research and eventually purchasing my own field bred Labrador, a very strong passion for the breed was born. This first Labrador, TK Hot Zuppa, was and still is one of the most remarkable dogs I have ever known. I had never known a dog could have so much heart and intensity and at the same time be such an incredible companion outside of work. 

I sought out mentorship for breed education which led me to my first Labrador breeding. As I watch these young dogs grow up and into their jobs, I can’t help but look forward to what’s ahead for our program. My husband John, as well as friends and family members are involved in these efforts. 

This is just the beginning for us, but our goals are clear and we are extremely committed to them. The Labrador breed is highly varied, with show lines barely recognizable from working lines, and both examples seem to move further and further from the breed’s origins as time progresses. A classic versatile Labrador that is beautiful and well built, but also driven to hunt and has enough “go” for performance endeavors is what we have set our sights on. Most importantly our dogs must have incredible temperaments and are just as enjoyable to live with in the home as they are out working in the field. 

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